Questions about Rams QB Matthew Stafford's health

Among the various current mysteries surrounding the Greatest Show-offs on Turf is whether quarterback Matthew Stafford is or isn’t currently injured.

According to the injury report, he isn’t. According to ESPN, he is. According to Stafford, he’s “feeling fine” but neither he nor anyone else is currently 100 percent.

Fantasy Impact: 

HC Sean McVay was asked about it and his quote in the story does make it seem like Stafford is dealing with some kind of injury or injuries. But as the story also added, it’s one of the stranger realities of the new NFL, which hasn’t simply cozied up to gambling but has jumped into bed with it. Inside information exists, and the league does a poor job of compelling teams to disclose the inside information regarding a player’s health — even though that inside information has a direct impact on wagering.

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