No Saturday Test For Albert Haynesworth

Albert Haynesworth did not take his conditioning test Saturday morning and will miss his third day of practice. Haynesworth had run the sprinting drill for two straight days -- and failed in both attempts -- and is apparently resting his legs today.

He is expected to tackle the test again Sunday. Coaches had said Friday that Haynesworth would take his third crack at the test on Saturday morning, but coaches and team officials were apparently privy to the decision to wait until Sunday.

Haynesworth did make a brief appearance at practice, taking the field with a jersey but no helmet or pads. He stayed about 10 minutes, did not partake in any drills, but watched his fellow linemen and conferred with line coach Jacob Burney.

Though he's missed the team's first three practices, Haynesworth had worked with coaches on the far practice field following each practice.

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