Marion Barber, Felix Jones closer to a committee

At the beginning of the season Marion Barber was to be the Cowboys' No. 1 tailback and if you look at the final numbers it appears he was.

Barber had 214 carries for 932 yards and seven touchdowns, compared to Felix Jones' 116 carries for 685 yards and three touchdowns.

But in the last four games of the regular season that changed. The split became closer to 50-50 between Barber and Jones. Barber had 62 carries for 263 yards. Jones had 49 carries for 258 yards. In last Sunday's game against Philadelphia, Jones had more carries than Barber for the first time (15 to 14) and they had 91 yards each.

"The biggest thing we try to do is just get them out there and let them play," assistant head coach Jason Garrett said. "There are only so many plays in a game; there are only so many touches that each guy can have. They're all good players. They all can do a lot of different things. Get them out there playing and they'll do their stuff."

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