Latest tests show Westbrook still might not be ready

Just as the buzz started to grow about Brian Westbrook getting ready to play again Sunday, we were reminded how hard it is to make predictions about concussions.

Eagles coach Andy Reid gingerly acknowledged that Westbrook's neurological testing is not yet where it needs to be for the running back to be allowed to play. Yesterday, Westbrook worked with the scout team as a limited practice participant, just like last week. There now seems to be little chance he will play against the 49ers, though Reid didn't exactly admit that. Westbrook did not speak with reporters.

"He's better, but not all the way completely cleared there," Reid said. "We're still doing [testing] as his exercise increases. They'll keep testing him until they're comfortable with where he's at."

Asked if he is planning for the San Francisco game as if Westbrook won't be available, Reid said: "I am today. It's a day-to-day thing here. He wants to be back in there . . . we have to do what's best for him.

"I think actually he's feeling pretty good. It's just, they give him these tests, and if it's off an inch, they're very cautious with that, and understandably so."

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