Giants offense makes changes post-Jason Garrett

After the firing of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, interim Giants OC Freddie Kitchens wanted to make a point of emphasis going forward - get the ball to the best players on designed plays. "You need to get a sense, a feel for what they are comfortable with," Kitchens said. "Why would you call something -- and this is what our staff believes -- why would you call something if the player is not comfortable running it? It's your job to get them comfortable running it. ... If you can’t get them to that point, it's kind of diminishing returns."

"I think I realized it pretty early in the week as far as the game plan and what we were trying to do, getting the ball to certain guys, and plays were designed to get the ball to them," Daniel Jones said. "You're thinking about that throughout the game as plays are called and coming in. Obviously, there's a read and you've got to understand what the defense is doing. But I'd say I was pretty cognizant of what we were trying to do."

Related Players: Saquon Barkley, Kenny Golladay, Evan Engram, Kadarius Toney, Sterling Shepard

Fantasy Impact: 

It sounds silly but saying that the best players need to get the ball can get lost on a coaching staff when an entire offense is struggling. Raanan's article listed Barkley, Golladay, Engram, Toney, and Shepard multiple times, a sign that the core is the focus going forward, especially when they are all healthy. The Giants offense is sketchy at best, but refocusing the offense with the entire coaching staff having input is a sign of life that needs to show on the field.

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