Dolphins Beat: QB Tua Tagovailoa has higher ceiling, floor

When you're talking about the ceiling and floor of all starting QBs around the league, few people would deny that Ryan Fitzpatrick is as unpredictable as they come; and not only that, but that when he does bottom out, he sinks the whole ship with him. Tua Tagovailoa, on the other hand, has a ceiling that also makes him a more intriguing option for a team at a crucial crossroads -- a club finally within striking distance of the division lead. Fitz, at 37, is no slouch on the ground, but Tua's 22-year-old legs are an obvious upgrade.

Fantasy Impact: 

While the author isn't necessarily talking about floor and ceiling exactly like we do in the fantasy world, it still brings up a good point. The story said in Miami's 24-0 shutout of the Jets on Sunday, Fitz threw three scores, but he also passed for under 200 yards and threw two picks. The Dolphins aren't going to be able to afford their QB turning the ball over two or three times when it's December or January and the opponent is not the Jets, the story said. The author mentioned Tagovailoa has been hailed for his smarts, his instincts, his pocket presence and his ability to limit turnovers. As the story added, Tua's potentially the perfect point guard for Miami's offense.

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