Dolphins Beat: May be tough for RB Jay Ajayi to get 20 carries per game

Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi averaged 17.3 carries per games last season, which ranked 11th in the league.

Here’s the best argument for feeding him the ball more often: The Dolphins were 8-0 when Ajayi had 18 or more carries. And they averaged 30.1 points in such games. They clearly benefited when Ajayi ran the ball frequently.

“In those games that I got to a certain amount of carries,” Ajayi said this offseason, “I feel like that was when our offense was doing the best.”

Fantasy Impact: 

The story said getting Ajayi to 20 carries per game might be tough for a number of reasons. For example, if the run defense allows teams to control the clock like they did last season, or if the Dolphins fall behind, or if there are offensive line injuries, it could become tougher to run the ball. However, the story also mentioned Ajayi could, perhaps, get more involved in the passing game.

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