Colts LB Clint Session continues trash talk

Clint Session's mouth was back in session Friday, the Colts' linebacker mocking what he feels is the Jets' cocky attitude as the teams prepare to meet in tomorrow's AFC Championship Game.

"They're supposed to travel with confidence and all. They're supposed to do all that. But, technically, you can't have swag if you lost that many games (seven) in the regular season. You know what I mean?" he asked.

Session also questioned how the Jets can be so confident after their 29-15 win regular-season win over the Colts, who were 14-0 going into the Week 16 contest.

"You can't feel comfortable about beating us when we didn't have our (best players in the game)," he said.

Session, who Thursday said the Colts linebackers were "licking their chops" getting ready for the Jets' running game and that former Pitt teammate Darrelle Revis would be schooled by Reggie Wayne, is obviously tired of Rex Ryan's bravado.

"They get the media attention, they've got so much swag now, because they've got nothing to lose," he went on. "I mean, if they lose, so what? Their record says they were going to lose anyway. Our record says we should win."

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