Childress, Favre dispute has been festering

nterviews with six members of the organization revealed that Childress ripped his offense during halftime Sunday and that he privately unleashed an expletive-laden outburst toward Favre long after the game in the visitors' locker room.

The focus Monday was on damage control, with Childress downplaying his sideline discussion with Favre and suggesting that the point of his "stream of consciousness" centered more on the physical toll his veteran quarterback was enduring than anything else. In addition, a "calm Childress," as one player described him, made sure they were given their caps and T-shirts celebrating the 2009 NFC North championship.

But all is not well between Brad and Brett, and the primary difference centers on the quarterback's penchant to check out of runs and into passes. According to one team member, Favre has expressed frustration for much of the season about Childress' unwillingness to let him audible more.

ESPN reported Monday that Childress considered replacing Favre on Nov. 1 against the Green Bay Packers, and two people with the team said that the coach considered replacing the quarterback Nov. 15 against the Detroit Lions.

Both incidents were overlooked, but Sunday's was uncovered.

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