Brees says he 'absolutely' wants to go 16-0

Drew Brees made it clear Wednesday that he wants to run the table over these next four weeks and take a perfect record into the team's playoff run.

When asked if he buys into the notion that having just one loss might take the pressure off the team, Brees smiled for a minute and gave a look that suggested, "Are you nuts?" before he simply answered, "No."

When asked the follow-up question, "You want 'em all?" Brees said, "Absolutely."

"Because we're here, aren't we? Who knows if we will ever get this close again," Brees said. "But it's one at a time. I mean, you can't look any further past this game, no matter who you're playing. And the fact is we're going on the road (at Atlanta), playing a team that's only lost two games at home the last two years. And they're a divisional opponent, and they would love nothing more than to knock us off.

"I know what you're saying, because yeah, obviously the more that you win and the longer you stay undefeated, the more distractions come with that. And more people are calling you, more media people want to talk to you, and more people want to talk about an undefeated season. But, no. This team can handle it. I mean, I think we've handled it well. Really, six weeks ago is when I think some of the rumblings started, or the just, 'Hey, they could do it.' And now all of a sudden we're 12-0. Well, let's finish this thing the way that we started."

When asked if he'll feel the same way if the Saints clinch the No. 1 seed in the NFC before Week 17, Brees said, "All I'll say is this. You've got an opportunity to make history."

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