Blitz game expected from Jets

The New York Jets blitzed on 297 passing plays during the regular season, second-most in the league.

And they don’t do it just to do it. They were extremely successful when doing so. Opposing quarterbacks had a league-low 53.8 passer rating against the Jets’ blitz.

“It’s as good a blitz package and scheme as we’ve faced this year,” Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said. “We got a heavy dose of it when we faced Baltimore. Philadelphia presented some challenges, and this group does a lot of different things that we have to be ready for.”

“Philip sees things awfully quick and he does get the ball out,” head coach Norv Turner said. “When you’re confident and good you look forward to the blitz, because it creates not only one-on-ones but … it creates seams where you can make big plays.”

Rivers’ pocket presence and ability to avoid pressure certainly help him. But the Chargers also use the screen deftly and about midseason altered their protection schemes (with more people in varied places) and also began to incorporate more quick passes.

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