Bills WR Stefon Diggs says he wants to remain with Buffalo

Bills receiver Stefon Diggs usually posts cryptic tweets. There was nothing cryptic about the tweet he posted last night.

“100% not true,” Diggs said. “I don’t know who the source is but I thought i nip this [stuff] in the bud already.”

Fantasy Impact: 

The story went on to speculate Diggs undoubtedly was responding to a Monday claim from Stephen A. Smith of ESPN from Monday’s First Take: “Brother wants out, by the way. I’m just telling you what I know know. I got my own sources. Brother wants out. He don’t wanna be in Buffalo no more. I’m telling you right now. I have my sources. Stefon Diggs got to be there, but he would prefer to be gone.”

There has been speculation Diggs has wanted out at least since the team's playoff loss to end last season. As the story added, Diggs doesn't have a lot of choice other than to deny the claim.

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