Bears Beat: QB Justin Fields can take next step

Those close to Justin Fields are optimistic he will take the next step in his development. They've seen him persevere through struggles in high school and college, and they've seen the work he has put in this offseason.

Fantasy Impact: 

Out of 31 qualifiers, he ranked last in QBR at 26.4, and he was sacked 36 times in 11 games, the highest rate in the NFL, the story pointed out. We rank Fields 18th this year, so there is certainly some potential for improvement from a fantasy perspective. His last six starts were a little better than the start of his career with the Bears: 222 yards passing, 1.0 touchdowns, 1.3 interceptions, 56 yards rushing, and 0.17 rush touchdowns. That equates to 15.5 fantasy points per game, roughly the 17th-highest last season. Fields has the sort of rushing upside that we’re looking for in our fantasy quarterbacks but is lacking a good supporting cast.

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