49ers hopeful to start QB Jimmy Garoppolo Week 6

"Jimmy Garoppolo came in good (on Monday)," HC Kyle Shanahan said. "I know he's sore from the first half. I think his ankle is a little bit sore and his body a little bit from some of the hits that he had. But nothing that made it worse. It was like you would expect after a game. Nothing too bad happened. We got him out of there before that did."

"We'll see how he is on Wednesday," Shanahan said. "I expect him to be at least the same, if not better. So, hopefully we can get a week of that and have no setbacks (on) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And hopefully we get him out there Sunday night."

Fantasy Impact: 

The 49ers remain positive in Garoppolo's ability to return to the field. San Francisco will need their roster near perfect as the team enters a gauntlet of matchups against above .500 teams over the course of the next six weeks. The 9ers play the Rams in Week 6, a matchup that's likely to determine the direction of their hoped salvageable season. And despite Garoppolo's reluctance to confirm, the signs are pointing to the quarterback returning under center on primetime, the story all said.

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