Thomas: Maybe Redskins don't want a big play receiver

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Devin Thomas still doesn't know what he did to apparently be viewed so poorly by the Shanahans.

"I still don't know, to this day, what it was or what I did," Thomas said Saturday afternoon in a lengthy phone interview. "I went out and I worked as hard as I could. Even when it was clear, you know, that they weren't going to play me, I just kept doing everything I could to try to show them I deserved to be out there. I had guys [teammates] telling me I should be out there and that they knew I could help the team win. And that's all I wanted a chance to do.

"I just wanted a chance to get out there and try to make some plays to help us. Maybe I just wasn't the type they're looking for. Maybe they just don't want a big-play receiver who can do everything. Maybe that wasn't appealing to them. I mean, I really don't know what it was. I wish I did know, but it is what it is. They made a decision. I guess it's best for me, too. Now, I can go to a team that wants me to make plays and help them win. But maybe I'll never know what it was."

Fantasy Impact: 

It will be interesting to see where Devin Thomas catches on. He could still have a fantasy impact this season. Any landing spot would be better from a fantasy perspective than the end of the Redskins bench.

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