Fantasy Football Quarterback Streaming Week 4: Rolling With Marcus Mariota Again

Sep 27, 2022
Fantasy Football Quarterback Streaming Week 4: Rolling With Marcus Mariota Again

The league quickly reminded us of how little we knew over the weekend. Indianapolis pulls a fast one on the Chiefs after getting shut out by Jacksonville in Week 2. The Bills couldn’t handle Miami’s heat (the actual weather, not the offense). And the Vikings needed some last-minute magic to squeak by the Lions. Things never go as planned, but at least a few things worked out as we look to Week 4.

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Week 3 Results

When disaster strikes, I revisit my thought process. Understanding what evidence led me to a suggestion is crucial, so we’re not in the same spot next week. If I was completely off, it’s on me to adjust. So, let’s talk about the 49ers’ ugly loss in primetime.

Week 3 Streaming Results
Type Player FPTS Rank
Top Play Jimmy Garoppolo 8.4 30
Top Play Marcus Mariota 15.6 14
Deep Jared Goff 13.9 19
Thorough Justin Fields 4.9 31

Last week, my selling points for Garoppolo were efficiency and a slightly increased passing rate for San Francisco. I got the passing part right. Their overall PROE rank for the season still sits at 32nd, but Garoppolo had a 2% PROE on Sunday. It was -17% after Week 2. He even passed on 75.0% of their red-zone plays. But I, and Garoppolo, whiffed on the efficiency part.

Before we cast stones, let’s give credit where it’s due. Garoppolo chose a safety over a pick-6. But clearly, the matchup was worse than I projected. Denver had him under duress on a third of his plays. His best lineman also went down while trying to avoid one of the better corners in the league (notice where there aren't many passes?). His turnovers turned him from a floor play into a fantasy anchor. Let’s revisit him in Week 6 against Atlanta.

It’s officially time to be worried about Justin Fields. The running game has been productive for two consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, Fields has attempted 28 attempts in the same span with more turnovers than touchdowns. I’m willing to place some blame on his receiver's talent. But a -10.4% CPOE (29th) won’t convince Chicago’s coaching staff to pass more. Here’s hoping he turns it around.

Top Streaming Picks

Marcus Mariota (Falcons) vs. Browns

Let’s run it back with Mariota as a top option in Week 4. He’s quietly operating as a top-10 passer in EPA per play after Week 3. And, it’s not just because of his legs.

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