The Ultimate Underdog Best Ball Mania 3 Draft Guide

Jul 27, 2022
The Ultimate Underdog Best Ball Mania 3 Draft Guide

With 4for4’s suite of Underdog tools, data from Best Ball Mania 1 and 2 has helped formulate a plan for this year’s $10 million Best Ball Mania 3. Those basics have been laid out in the six-part Best Ball Mania Bible. After logging 20 drafts in May (out of a possible 150), I will outline my position-by-position plan for the rest of draft season along with my favorite targets at each position and my general thoughts on how to attack Best Ball Mania 3. These targets will be updated throughout the offseason

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Before blindly loading the players listed in this piece into your draft queue, it’s important that every reader give the Best Ball Mania Bible a read in order to fully understand the tactics discussed here. Those concepts will allow you to use this as a guide that best fits your style of play and the players that you like.

In large-field tournaments such as Best Ball Mania 3, the goal isn’t to score the most points, it’s to score more points than your opponents. While those might seem like the same thing, there is a nuanced difference. If you were trying to maximize points, you would simply draft the player with the highest season-long projection until your roster is filled out. Here, the goal is to figure out what the field is doing and look for ways to maximize your edge when you’re right and the field is wrong. That can be accomplished through roster construction, player selection, or stacking but how that goal is reached will be different in every draft.

After reading this strategy guide and the Best Ball Mania Bible, you should feel well-equipped to attack this large-field, top-heavy payout tournament in a way that is unique from any traditional league you have ever participated in. You aren’t necessarily trying to cover all of your bases, but you are trying to plan for the fragility in both player projections and draft strategy.

A player listed as a target is simply a player that you should be willing to take ahead of ADP. You should have some exposure to most relevant players in the pool.


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