Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 4th in a 10 Team PPR League

Aug 13, 2013
Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 4th in a 10 Team PPR League

If it’s August, it must mean one thing. And that’s a reunion with trusted friend PC Drafter. Once again, we’ll be teaming up to build the Perfect Team.

PC and I will be drafting fourth overall in a 10-Team PPR league. In this league, teams will start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 defense. Teams are allowed to draft no more than two quarterbacks, two kickers, two tight ends, two defenses, five wide receivers, and five running backs. The draft will last 16 rounds.

In this league, the scoring rules for offensive players are:

Passing Touchdowns = 6 Points
Passing Yards = 1 Point for every 25 yards
Interceptions = -2 Points
Rushing/Receiving Touchdowns = 6 Points
Rushing/Receiving Yards = 1 Point for every 10 yards
Receptions = 1 Point
2Pt Conversions = 2 Points
Fumbles = -1 Point

The scoring rules for defensive teans are:

Defensive/Special Teams Touchdowns = 6 Points
Interceptions/Sacks/Fumble Recoveries = 1 Point
Safeties = 2 Points
Shutouts = 14 Points
1-10 Points Allowed = 7 Points
11-20 Points Allowed = 3 Points

The scoring rules for kickers are:

Extra Points = 1 Point
Field Goals = 3 Points
Long Field Goals = 4 Points
Missed Field Goals = -2 Points

Last year, I believed the wide receiver pool was deeper than it had been in previous seasons and quality running backs would be hard to find. This time around, I believe it’s easier to find productive runners beyond the first and second rounds. Receiver isn’t a bottomless pit by any means, but it’s not as deep as it was with players such as Percy Harvin and Michael Crabtree essentially removed from draft consideration. And there are question marks surrounding many of the back-end starters. In other ways, it may be easier to find plug-and-play options in the backfield than out wide.

With that in mind, and the fact we have to start three wide receivers, we are going to be aiming to fill those spots early. Of course, with a top five pick, it’s going to be almost impossible to pass on a running back with our first selection.

Here’s the lowdown:

Pick 1.4 Jamaal Charles
The old school, pick a running back first strategy isn’t appealing to PC. My ally likes Jimmy Graham, Calvin Johnson, and Aaron Rodgers more than any back. PC knows Graham is head and shoulders above every other tight end out there. I’m not sure a tight end in the first round is the best route to go, especially with this format, where you only play one. Because of the 3WR format, Calvin makes a lot of sense. Rodgers is great, but quarterbacks aren’t going to be hard to find later on. In the end, Charles gives us an anchor at a key position. And he’ll get more receptions in Andy Reid’s pass-centric offense.

(Note: This draft took place prior to Charles suffering an injury in practice. C.J. Spiller would have been Andy’s alternate choice. At the moment, the Charles injury doesn’t look significant)

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