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  • 28
  • 237 lbs
  • 6' 5"
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Scouting report

by Chris Kucharski

BUF QB Josh Allen - Week 17 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 17 vs. New England Patriots
It was the second straight week Josh Allen threw a minimal amount of passes (21), but the Bills still won. However, he did have better fantasy numbers throwing for 237 yards and a touchdown. He added two rushing touchdowns and also started another interception streak with one pick.

Allen faces the Patriots who are ranked 17th in aFPA to quarterbacks. He faced them earlier this season and threw for 265 yards, two touchdowns, and ran for another. He has historically been very good against New England in recent years.

Start Allen as a top-five fantasy quarterback for Week 17. Buffalo's offense has started to look better, especially running the football which helps Allen in the passing game.

by Chris Kucharski

BUF QB Josh Allen - Week 16 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 16 at Los Angeles Chargers
A very strange (and unproductive) fantasy day for Josh Allen. The Bills offense was dominating even though he only threw 15 passes which produced 96 passing yards. He also only had 24 rushing yards, but he did throw a TD pass and ran for another score. Allen also ended his interception streak at nine straight games as he didn't turn the ball over.

Allen will face the Chargers who are ranked 25th in aFPA to quarterbacks. The Bills ran the ball at will last week against Dallas and would love to do that every week. But we think Allen will get back to throwing the ball 30-35 times and his numbers will be back to normal.

Start Allen as one of the top fantasy quarterbacks for Week 16. It's a good matchup for him against a below-average defense and we will gamble that Buffalo will be throwing the ball a lot more than last game.

by Chris Kucharski

BUF QB Josh Allen - Week 15 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 15 vs. Dallas Cowboys
Josh Allen's numbers were low last Sunday compared to expectations. He completed only 55% of his passes for 233 yards and a touchdown. He also rushed for another score, but extended his interception streak to nine games.

Allen faces the Cowboys who are ranked 18th in aFPA to quarterbacks. Dallas generates a pass rush, but when they can't get to the quarterback, the secondary struggles in coverage. Allen's mobility should help him counter that pass rush.

Start Allen as the top fantasy quarterback for Week 15. Expect over 250 yards passing along with a minimum of 30 yards rushing and odds are he will have three overall touchdowns.

by Chris Kucharski

BUF QB Josh Allen - Week 14 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 14 at Kansas City Chiefs
Josh Allen comes off the bye week as the Bills are trying to reset. He threw the ball 51 times in the overtime loss to the Eagles. Ended up with 339 yards and two touchdown passes. But where he really scored for his managers was running the football for a season-high 81 yards and two rushing touchdowns. However, his interception streak continues.

Allen faces the Chiefs who are ranked 17th in aFPA to quarterbacks. He dominated Kansas City last season throwing for 329 yards and three touchdowns without a turnover.

Start Allen as a top-five fantasy quarterback for Week 14. We expect these two teams to put up some points and with a reasonable matchup, Allen should score plenty of fantasy points.

by Chris Kucharski

BUF QB Josh Allen - Week 12 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 12 at Philadelphia Eagles
Josh Allen threw for 275 yards and three touchdowns against a very good Jets defense that has the best of him Week 1. He did throw an interception for the seventh straight game, but this one was more of a Hail Mary and not just a mistake. One thing to note is he only has 28 rushing yards in the last two games.

Allen faces the Eagles who are ranked 28th in aFPA to quarterbacks. The Philly defense is very opportunistic so the turnovers could be an issue this game.

Start Allen as a top-five fantasy quarterback for Week 12. It should be a great matchup, but he should have good fantasy numbers including passing yards and touchdown passes. He is the most likely quarterback to throw three scores this week.

by Chris Kucharski

BUF QB Josh Allen - Week 11 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 11 vs. New York Jets
It was another ugly performance for the Bills and Josh Allen had one of his worst games of the season. He threw for 177 yards and one touchdown. He threw two interceptions which made it six straight games with an interception and eight of 10 for the season. Allen wouldn't be scrutinized as much if Buffalo wasn't 5-5.

Allen faces the Jets for the second time this season. He threw three interceptions that game and the Bills lost. New York is ranked 1st in aFPA to quarterbacks and Allen has struggled the last three times they have met.

Even with the interceptions, Allen has still put up good fantasy numbers most weeks. Despite the tough matchup, we still expect a good game for the Buffalo offense and Allen ranks as a top-five quarterback for Week 11.

by Chris Kucharski

BUF QB Josh Allen - Week 10 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 10 vs. Denver Broncos
Josh Allen threw for 258 yards and a touchdown Sunday night and he also had a rushing touchdown for the third straight game. He also threw an interception for the fifth straight game. Although Allen's fantasy numbers continue be at the top of quarterback rankings, the turnovers are a consistent problem and have caused the Bills issues winning games.

Allen will face the Broncos who are ranked 28th in aFPA to quarterbacks although Denver has played better in recent weeks. He should continue to excel with his numbers this week.

Start Allen as the top fantasy quarterback for Week 10. Interceptions aside, he continues to put up great numbers including the fact he is back to scoring rushing touchdowns consistently.

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