• Christian McCaffrey

  • RB
  • , Carolina Panthers
  • 25
  • 202 lbs
  • 5' 11"
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Scouting report

by Brandon Niles

CAR RB Christian McCaffrey - Week 15 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 15 at Green Bay Packers

Christian McCaffrey didn’t return last week, but the team seems to think he’ll be back at some point this year. In the one brief re-appearance from him earlier this season, he had a full workload, so if he starts, expect him to put in a full day’s work, despite the Panthers being out of the playoff hunt. Matt Rhule probably has McCaffrey on his fantasy team. That’s the only explanation for why they’re not shutting him down at this point.

Be sure to check if Rhule’s fantasy team is in the playoffs this week. If so, McCaffrey might be active. If not, sit him.

In all seriousness, if McCaffrey starts, he should be active. If he sits, dial up Mike Davis once again. Be sure to refresh that injury report constantly up until game time, and be ready to make a last-second swap.

by Brandon Niles

CAR RB Christian McCaffrey - Week 14 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 14 vs. Denver Broncos

Christian McCaffrey has only played in three games, but he has six touchdowns on the season. If he returns, as expected, this week against the Broncos, he should resume a full workload and wind up with elite RB1 numbers as usual. He played only one game since September, and in it, he touched the ball 28 times – including 10 receptions – for a total of 151 yards and two touchdowns.

We have McCaffrey ranked as an elite option against a vulnerable Broncos defense that ranks 22nd in aFPA to opposing running backs. Watch his status, as there are reports of him being nicked up again, but he’s a monster, so as long as he’s active, he should be in every lineup.

by Brandon Niles

CAR RB Christian McCaffrey - Week 9 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 9 at Kansas City Chiefs

Christian McCaffrey hasn’t played the past six games, but there’s hope for him suiting up for Week 9 against the Chiefs. While it’s possible the team eases him back into the lineup, it seems they’d hold him out completely if he wasn’t ready to go. Regardless of matchup, McCaffrey is too talented not to start every week he’s active. Check his status leading up to game time. If he’s a go, insert him in your lineup and hope he stays healthy for the rest of the year.

by Brandon Niles

CAR RB Christian McCaffrey - Week 2 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 2 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s hard to know what else to say about Christian McCaffrey, as the guy is just extremely dominant in every facet of the game. He opened the season with 23 carries, three receptions, 134 combined yards and a pair of touchdowns, and he looked both dynamic in the open field, and tough as nails fighting for extra yards. McCaffrey only saw four targets, which is a bit low for him, but time will tell if that’s a one-game thing, or an aspect of the new offense and Teddy Bridgewater.

This week, he’ll face a Tampa Bay defense that has been really good against the run going back to last year. However, it doesn’t matter who McCaffrey plays. He should be active every week, regardless of matchup. The Buccaneers gave up a pair of touchdowns to Alvin Kamara – although just 16 yards rushing – so expect McCaffrey to find ways to get his fantasy points. Start him, as always.

by Brandon Niles

CAR RB Christian McCaffrey - Week 1 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 1 vs. Las Vegas Raiders

One time, the Panthers asked Christian McCaffrey to play quarterback for a practice. He completed 17 of 9 pass attempts for a 189% completion percentage. He also decapitated a practice squad cornerback who tried to intercept a post route, and used one pass to stop a bullet. Someone tried to assassinate Curtis Samuel during a scrimmage. McCaffrey used his super-human vision to see the gun flash, then threw a fly route pass to Samuel. The ball was moving so fast, it hit the bullet, moving it off its trajectory, into the breast of a nearby pigeon, who’d just finished its morning constitution on McCaffrey’s car. The ball stopped mid-air, and landed softly in Samuel’s hands as he scored a touchdown. The assassin cleaned McCaffrey’s car. McCaffrey turned to the coach and said, “Who wants to eat pigeon tonight?” The league’s competition committee decided Christian McCaffrey doesn’t get to play quarterback, and will have to settle for being the most versatile touchdown machine in the league instead.

McCaffrey ran for 1,387 yards last year, scored 19 total touchdowns, and caught 116 balls for 1,005 yards receiving. He’s a monster. Start him, even if it wasn’t a great matchup against the Raiders. If you have him, you probably took him first. He should be active every week as the RB1 in all league formats.

by Brandon Niles

CAR RB Christian McCaffrey - 2020 Fantasy Football Outlook

Fantasy Upside

Christian McCaffrey is so good, I’m out of superlatives to describe him. He became just the third player in NFL history to record over 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in one season last year, and 1,387 rushing yards were third in the league behind Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb. McCaffrey also tied with Aaron Jones for the most touchdowns last season at 19, and he was second behind only Michael Thomas with 116 receptions. He’s a monster, and this is the second consecutive year he’s put up huge numbers, particularly in the scoring department.

Fantasy Downside

There’s really no downside to McCaffrey. I suppose the number of touches he’s had over the past two seasons – 729, including 223 receptions – could cause him to wear down. I suppose his 19 touchdowns from last season could be deemed unsustainable, as it was a jump from 13 the previous year. I suppose you could look at the new coaching staff and wonder if Matt Rhule’s offense will feature him as heavily.

2020 Bottom Line

Ultimately, the Panthers just gave McCaffrey a big contract extension and there’s little doubt he’ll remain the focal point of the offense. He is one of the best receiving options in football – not just among running backs – and has shown he can carry the load on the ground. Fantasy owners should run to the podium to select the multi-talented McCaffrey in all league formats.

by Brandon Niles

CAR RB Christian McCaffrey - Week 17 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 17 vs. New Orleans Saints

Offense looking terrible? Will Grier starting at quarterback? No problem! Christian McCaffrey failed to find the end zone last week against the Colts, but he still managed to catch 15 passes for 119 yards. He added another 54 yards on the ground. McCaffrey needs just 67 more receiving yards to reach 1,000 on the season, and expect the Panthers’ coaching staff to do everything they can to get him there in the season finale.

The Saints rank eighth in aFPA to opposing running backs this season, so it won’t be an easy final game for McCaffrey, but he’s been so good all season, there’s no reason to think he won’t rise to the challenge one more time. He scored a pair of touchdowns the last time he faced the Saints, and he should once again be considered an elite fantasy option for the final game of the year.

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