Victor Cruz is the only sure thing in terms of WRs, and...

Victor Cruz is the only sure thing in terms of WRs, and the Giants are best when he's working as the slot receiver. That means they need to spend camp identifying their best options on the outside.

Rueben Randle, the 2012 second-round pick, is the guy they'd like to see take the leap in his third season. He showed enough flashes last year to make them think he can be a big playmaker. They just need him to play and work more consistently.

Odell Beckham was this year's first-round pick, and as such he'll get an opportunity to contribute as a starter as soon as he's ready to handle it. But the Giants don't rush rookies, and if he's not ready, they will wait and use other options until he is.

Mario Manningham is a wild card -- a player the Giants know and like but who's coming off knee problems that kept him from being a factor for the 49ers during his two seasons away from New York.

Fantasy Impact: 

Looks like Randle stepping up and winning one of the outside jobs is going to be key for the Giants and their WRs. Even if Beckham doesn't win a job right away, it would be hard to imagine him not making a contribution at some point in the season. We have Randle ranked 43rd among our WRs and could end up being a solid round-12 pick. We should know a lot more about his chances before August drafts.

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