Steelers Beat: Team finding success in no-huddle offense

For the second game in a row, the Steelers found success when they went to their tempo offense. On four of seven plays in the Steelers’ first scoring drive against the Browns, the team used no huddle and moved the ball 75 yards in three minutes. On the second scoring drive, the Steelers went no-huddle on just three of 10 plays, but two of those plays picked up first downs.

“We did pretty good with the tempo,” Chase Claypool said. “We might be able to go back to that if, uh, our offense is stalling a little bit, maybe we add some tempo to switch up the momentum or the flow of the game.”

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Fantasy Impact: 

The story was about signs of progress for the Steelers offense. The team did find some success using an up-tempo offense. Last year, the story pointed out, the team had similar issues and mainly went no-huddle only in the second half with Ben Roethlisberger as the QB, but pointed out the team did go up-tempo in the first half of last week's game with Cleveland. That's perhaps a good sign. The story also mentioned Warren has developed into a nice compliment to Harris, and if you're a Harris owner, Warren should probably be on your roster.

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