Possible timetables for Jets WR Eric Decker (rotator cuff)

Jets WR Eric Decker initially injured his shoulder against the Bills, two games ago. He aggravated the injury last week in Kansas City. Dr. Leesa Galatz said it is possible for a rotator cuff tear to worsen when aggravated after the initial injury.

Bottom line: Decker might be back this season, but it is almost impossible to say when (if at all) because that thick rotator cuff tendon leaves a lot of room for different types of partial tears.

"It just depends on how big it is, really," Galatz said of the tear. "Some of them, you can recover and return just fine."

Fantasy Impact: 

The story said an initial timetable would be rest for 7-10 days followed by rehab, according to the doctor interviewed. The rehab allows for a better read on the healing process, or lack thereof. The story noted any kind of surgery and Decker would be lost for the year. If it's not severe, the tear can heal itself. A partially torn rotator cuff tendon is such a variable injury because the attachment site of tendon to bone is so thick — about a centimeter. So that leaves a bunch of room for different levels of partial tears.

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