Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (toe) could still opt for surgery

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still contemplating whether or not to get surgery to repair his fractured toe.

Fantasy Impact: 

Rodgers was quoted as saying "... the surgery would be such a minor one it wouldn’t be something that I’d have to miss time with. That’s a prerequisite for any surgery that I have at this point — I’m not going to miss any time. So we’ll re-assess early next week and make a decision. But it’s not something where [I’d miss time]. I could have surgery on a Monday or Tuesday and play on Sunday.” That would certainly be good news for fantasy owners and the team as they make a push for the top spot in the NFC. Rodgers said he was feeling better compared to last week but it sounds like surgery is still an option as long as he doesn't miss time.

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