Jets Beat: QB Teddy Bridgewater could play his way to starter or trading block

"I expect the Jets to give Teddy Bridgewater plenty of reps during training camp and the preseason games to see what he can do. He and rookie Sam Darnold should get a lot more work than Josh McCown, who is more of a known commodity," said NY Post writer Brian Costello.

"If Bridgewater outplays McCown in training camp and the coaching staff does not think Darnold is ready, I don’t think they would hesitate to give him the starting job.

If Bridgewater and McCown both play well in camp and the Jets trust Darnold enough to make him the No. 2 quarterback, Bridgewater could find himself on the trading block at the end of the summer."

Fantasy Impact: 

The story went on to say Bridgewater has looked good during the spring and he moved around without any problems. Costello went on to say he thinks the only way Bridgewater stays with the Jets is if the team doesn't think Darnold is ready and they want him to be more of a third quarterback.

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