GB's McCarthy said Rogers will get 'at the line' responsibility

The biggest thing for Aaron Rodgers is he has two years of film on himself to learn from. The National Football League now has two years of film to evaluate him and dissect how they are going to attack his game and what they feel his strengths and weaknesses are.

It is no different than the approach we take in a self-scout with everything we do schematically and for our players. Just his commitment to the offseason program, particularly the quarterback school. He is very fundamentally strong. He is very talented. I think that is obvious in his movement skills and his ability to make all of the throws. His understanding of the offense has really been intact now, in my opinion, this will be the fourth year, and we'll play to that more and challenge him with more things at the line.

I think he is a very good 'at the line' player, whether it's a two- or three-, possibly four-way play selection. I see more improvement, more opportunity for him to do that there, and that's part of our plan as we go into the season. His standard of play has been set at a pretty high level, and his challenge is to step over that standard every week.

Fantasy Impact: 

Rogers is's top-rated QB this year, which says a lot when you consider the company he's competing with. His ADP is late first round, but QB is a pretty deep position this year so getting him in the second after a top-notch RB or WR gets your team off to a nice start.

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