Eagles OTAs different under QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb's practice demeanor as the starter has been notable for a few reasons.

For one, it stands polar to the way Donovan McNabb conducted himself on the Eagles practice field for over a decade. McNabb was loosey goosey. He smiled a lot. Liked to joke around with his teammates. If he was errant on a pass he would react and motion and yell, but he did it all with a laugh and a grin. Kolb just grits his teeth and stares.

Much could made of this, especially considering how McNabb was often criticized for his mannerisms. The point here isn't to say that one way is better than the other. It's just an observation. McNabb and Kolb have, in many ways, completely different personalities -- both on the field and off.

Fantasy Impact: 

Right now, there doesn't look to be much of an expected drop in production between McNabb and Kolb, fantasy-wise. Kolb is considered a lot more accurate, but doesn't throw the deep ball as well as Donovan - at least yet. Kolb has a ton of talent to work with, so there doesn't look like a whole lot of reason to shy away from Eagles in this summer's drafts.

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