Eagles Beat: Team could turn to QB Gardner Minshew later in seaosn

If the Eagles continue on this trajectory, then I believe we’ll see Gardner Minshew start this season. And that’s not necessarily to form a better evaluation of Minshew, but it could also help form an evaluation of HC Nick Sirianni. If the Eagles offense remains inconsistent (and inefficient) and the team continues losing games, how much of a sample size would one need to know that that the Sirianni-Jalen Hurts combination isn’t working? Twelve games, 14 games? If that were to happen, it would behoove Sirianni to see if the offense looks different with a different quarterback — one who is a 62.9 percent passer during the past two seasons.

Fantasy Impact: 

The writer doesn't seem to feel that strongly it will happen, and of course, it's just one opinion. This season is more about Hurts and he feels Hurts should have a long leash when it comes to being the starter. But the offense has not looked good and when the team is maybe officially out of playoff competition, then a change to Minshew might make some sense - just to see how the offense functions with someone else.

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