Bills Beat: Team can't turn away from passing offense

Overall, the Bills revived their run game Sunday. But at what cost? The Bills are at their best on offense when throwing the ball and making the attack run through Josh Allen, and it never seemed in sync Sunday. Allen never got on the same page with Stefon Diggs except for some forced short-yardage targets. Cole Beasley was essentially a non-factor other than his touchdown throw.

Related players: Zach Moss, Devin Singletary

Fantasy Impact: 

The author added you never want to take away the best part of your own offense, and that’s what the Bills appeared to do Sunday. The Bills can still be an impactful running team without having a balanced approach. The story also said it’s all about the timing of run calls and the effectiveness of them and the run game likely will not be the reason the Bills have success in the playoffs. While it's just the author's view and the Bills may see things different, it's perhaps something to keep in mind, especially if you're a Moss or Singletary owner.

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Jul 31

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