2023 NFL Draft: Second Overall Pick Odds, Predictions & Bets

Apr 21, 2023
2023 NFL Draft: Second Overall Pick Odds, Predictions & Bets

The Houston Texans currently have the second overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft and are likely to draft a quarterback. I’ll break down all of the favorites and potential players to watch out for.

This might surprise people, but betting on the NFL Draft is far and away the best event of the year to wager on. The reason is that it’s an information market. These types of markets are the easiest to make money on because no game has to be played. When you bet on an NFL game, you can have the best handicap in the world and have a massive edge according to your numbers. Yet, so much can go wrong. All it takes is a few things you can’t possibly account for in your handicap, like one cornerback to trip, a field goal kicker getting the yips, a few bad calls, and so many other possibilities for your bet to go sideways.

Betting on the NFL Draft doesn’t have that type of variance. Once you know a team is keyed in on a certain player or position, that’s it. Obviously, reading the tea leaves from plugged-in reporters and getting good information is vital.

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2023 NFL Draft: Second Overall Pick Odds

These odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

  • Will Anderson (+160)
  • Tyree Wilson (+250)
  • CJ Stroud (+275)
  • Will Levis (+350)

Second Overall Pick Odds, News, and Notes

The second overall pick market has seen some crazy movement as of late with the Texans leaking that they may not select a quarterback and potentially may even trade the pick.

Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama

Odds: +160

If the Texans decide they don’t want a quarterback with the second overall pick, Will Anderson makes a lot of sense. Texans GM Nick Caserio is buddies with Nick Saban at Alabama and they drafted two Alabama players in the top-75 last year. At this point though, I’m not willing to bet on Anderson for reasons I’ll explain in later blurbs.

Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech

Odds: +250

I think two players are bettable in this spot. One of them is Tyree Wilson at more than 2/1. Lance Zierlein had Tyree Wilson over Will Anderson in his first mock draft and has eluded to the Texans preferring Wilson multiple times. Wilson is viewed as the player with a much wider range of outcomes and teams become enamored with that upside.

CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Odds: +275

Stroud’s draft stock has been undeniably sinking incredibly fast. Once the -400 favorite to be the first overall, there has been a non-stop drumbeat of negative reports on Stroud. He reportedly scored in the 18th percentile on the S2 test, is “tough to coach,” ghosted the Manning Academy and by my sources has had some terrible visits. I would not bet Stroud to go second overall.

Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Odds: +350

While I don’t think Stroud to the Texans is a good bet, Levis going second overall is. I personally don’t fully buy the Texans passing on a quarterback to draft a defender. By the end of last season, they were rotating Davis Mills and Jeff Driskel in at quarterback. Nick Caserio is reportedly on the hot seat and has had a tumultuous offseason by multiple accounts, potentially causing rifts in the organization. With the pressure on Caserio, he can’t sell another year of building pieces around a bottom-3 QB situation. You need someone at quarterback who can at least give the illusion that could convince the team and fanbase winning is remotely possible. You just can’t get that with their current quarterback situation. Even a trade for Trey Lance makes sense. I’m willing to say that if they head into the season with Davis Mills and Case Keenum at quarterback, it’s a death sentence for Nick Caserio by the end of next season.

With all that being said, from my understanding, Levis is their second-ranked QB behind Bryce Young. So if they are forced to pick a quarterback, and the next best player is Levis, it only makes sense for them to select him.

If they work out a deal for Trey Lance or someone else prior to the draft I could see them taking Tyree Wilson instead.

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