FanDuel Week 10 GPP Picks and Strategy

Nov 15, 2020
FanDuel Week 10 GPP Picks and Strategy

Data shows that even in the largest tournaments, it’s not necessary to be contrarian across the board. Start with a solid core—usually players that are worthy of cash consideration—and surround that core with low-owned stacks or unpopular one-off players. In addition to traditional quarterback stacks, consider secondary correlation plays such as two pass catchers from one game or a running back-defense stack. On average, 2019 Sunday Million winners had over five players in their lineup with some correlation to another player in the same game.

It’s wise to have some exposure to players in what are expected to be the highest-scoring games, but they will only be mentioned here if I like them more than the public. When you do roll out highly-owned passing games consider some of these options as differentiators:

  • Onslaught - Instead of stacking a popular quarterback with one of his pass-catchers, add a second pass-catcher, and maybe even the team running back to the mix.
  • Game Stack - In addition to your two- or three-man stack, add a player—usually the primary pass-catcher—from the opposing team. This is obvious in shootouts but is often ignored (erroneously) in games expected to be lopsided.
  • An off-the-board play - Rostering a pass-catcher that’s being ignored in a popular passing offense can be an effective strategy for getting exposure to a chalky team while remaining unique.

For guidance on how to formulate exposures in your personal tournament portfolio, use 4for4’s ownership projections and this guide to leverage scores.

For up-to-the-minute and Sunday morning updates, be sure to join the 4for4 DFS subscription-only Discord channel.

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