• Jalen Hurts

  • QB
  • , Philadelphia Eagles
  • 24
  • 222 lbs
  • 6' 1"
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Scouting report

by Chris Kucharski

PHI QB Jalen Hurts - 2022 Fantasy Football Outlook

2022 Fantasy Upside
No doubt that Jalen Hurts was the leading rushing quarterback in the NFL last season with 764 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns. There was little doubt about that part of his game which helped him in his fantasy standing. The Eagles truly believe he can improve his passing numbers to the point where he can be one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the NFL. In 2021, Hurts threw for 4,205 yards including the playoffs with 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Combine those numbers with his rushing production and you have a good fantasy quarterback. The Eagles also gave Hurts a legitimate No. 1 receiver in A.J. Brown this offseason.

2022 Fantasy Downside
Teams seemed to dare the Eagles to throw the ball at times last year and sometimes Hurts didn't make them pay. Over half his starts, he did not throw for 200+ yards. The turnovers were also an issue at times. Hurts needs to improve his accuracy to the point where Philly lets him spread the ball all over the field as opposed to safe throws on the outside. Opposing defenses seemed to recognize this and limited what Hurts was able to accomplish throwing the football.

2022 Bottom Line
Hurts comes into 2022 as a solid QB1 and should be a fantasy asset if he is your starting quarterback. The passing numbers should improve with Brown and 2021 first-round pick DeVonta Smith getting a pro year under his belt. In the end, the rushing numbers will carry him in fantasy, but his passing numbers will be good enough (3,700 yards) to select him 5th or 6th round of your draft.

by Chris Kucharski

PHI QB Jalen Hurts - Week 17 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 17 at Washington
Jalen Hurts had mixed results last week against the Giants as he threw for 199 yards and two touchdowns. However, he only rushed for 7 yards. His previous low this season was 30. That's a huge part of his game and hurt his fantasy numbers last week.

Hurts will face Washington for the second time in three weeks. In the first meeting, he threw for 296 yards and a touchdown, but also ran for two touchdowns. Washington is ranked 31st in aFPA to quarterbacks so expect a big game from Hurt. Start him as a top 5 fantasy quarterback for Week 17.

by Chris Kucharski

PHI QB Jalen Hurts - Week 16 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 16 vs. New York Giants
The passing game clicked for the Eagles on Tuesday as Jalen Hurts threw for 296 yards and a touchdown. Add two rushing touchdowns and Hurts ends up with a very good fantasy night. Philly has had some issues with passing game so the hope is this game will propel the Eagles the rest of the season.

Hurts faces the Giants who are ranked 2nd in aFPA to quarterbacks. He did not have a good game in the first time the two teams met. Hurts threw for only 129 yards and three interceptions.

The Eagles are on the cusp of the playoffs while the Giants are a mess. Ignore the previous meeting between the two teams and expect a bounc back for Hurts. Start him as a solid QB1 for Week 16.

by Chris Kucharski

PHI QB Jalen Hurts - Week 15 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 15 vs. Washington
Jalen Hurts returns after missing a week with an ankle injury. He had been playing at a high level even though his passing numbers have been low but that has been balanced by high rushing numbers. Overall, he has been a very good fantasy quarterback in 2021.

Hurts faces Washington who is ranked 23rd in aFPA to quarterbacks. More important, they are being ravished by COVID-19 cases and will be missing many key players on both sides of the football.

With the favorable matchup, a home game, and the virus issue, start Hurts a solid QB1 for Week 15. If the ankle is healthy, we should see his numbers return to a level that will help you in your fantasy playoff run.

by Chris Kucharski

PHI QB Jalen Hurts - Week 13 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 13 at New York Jets
Jalen Hurts passing numbers continue to be low and his rushing numbers continue to be high so basically, you know what you are getting each week. Last game, he threw for 129 yards and three interceptions but still ran for 77 yards.

Hurts faces the Jets who are ranked 30th in aFPA to quarterbacks. If there is any time to break out of this slump, it's this week. He hasn't thrown for 200+ yards since Week 7.

The matchup puts Hurts in play for Week 13. We think he will get 200 yards passing (barely) and run for at least 50. Start him as a top 5 fantasy quarterback against the Jets.

by Chris Kucharski

PHI QB Jalen Hurts - Week 12 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 12 at New York Giants
Jalen Hurts high passing yardage total over the last four games is 178 yards. He has thrown three touchdowns and one interception over this time. However, he has had double-digit rushing attempts the past three weeks and last game he scored three rushing touchdowns. He hasn't been under 55 rushing yards over the past five games.

Hurts will face the Giants who are ranked 9th in aFPA to quarterbacks. The passing yards might stay low but as long as the Eagles continue to run the ball effectively, Hurts' fantasy numbers will continue to be high.

Start Hurts as a top 5 fantasy quarterback for Week 12 despite a tough matchup. The Eagles are on a roll with the running game and Hurts is right in the middle of it.

by Chris Kucharski

PHI QB Jalen Hurts - Week 11 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 11 vs. New Orleans
Jalen Hurts has been playing very well but his passing numbers continue to be low. He was better this past week against Denver with 178 passing yards and two touchdowns. He added 55 rushing yards to his numbers which definitely helps his fantasy standing.

Hurts faces the Saints who are 15th in aFPA to quarterbacks. Expect some low passing numbers compared to other starting quarterbacks but the rushing numbers elevate Hurts.

Start Hurts as a solid QB1 for Week 11. It should be a better outing for the Eagles QB at home, but there is room for overall improvement.

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