• Andy Dalton

  • QB
  • , Dallas Cowboys
  • 33
  • 215 lbs
  • 6' 2"
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Scouting report

by Chris Kucharski

CIN QB Andy Dalton - Week 17 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 17 vs Cleveland
It could be Andy Dalton's final game as a Bengal and it will be home, so expect him to play to win. Last week, he threw for 394 yards and four touchdowns to make him a late-season fantasy stud. However, that was against a bad Miami defense.

Dalton will face the Browns this week who are ranked 20th in aFPA to quarterbacks. Although it is a favorable matchup, we expect Cleveland to play to win as well so Dalton's numbers will be nothing near last week's totals.

Keep Dalton on the bench for Week 17 as we expect Cleveland to play their starters a lot in the last game of the season. Dalton will leave the field to applause at some point of this game, but don't expect it to be because of big numbers, but an appreciation of the Daltons' contribution to the franchise over the years.

by Chris Kucharski

CIN QB Andy Dalton - Week 16 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 16 at Miami
Andy Dalton will have to shake off his four-interception performance last week. Since his return to the starting lineup, he has thrown only two touchdowns with five interceptions total. His numbers have been about where we thought they would be.

It might get a little easier this week against Miami who is 28th in aFPA to quarterbacks. Dalton's numbers should be much better, but not good enough to have a fantasy impact. The Bengals offense will continue to struggle so keep Dalton on the bench for Week 16.

by Chris Kucharski

CIN QB Andy Dalton - Week 13 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 13 vs New York Jets
Andy Dalton will get his job back this week, but his fantasy standing is very low. He is not on the fantasy radar right now so wait and see how he plays against a bad Jets pass defense.

by Chris Kucharski

CIN QB Andy Dalton - Week 8 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 8 at Los Angeles Rams
The question is how much longer will Andy Dalton be the Bengals quarterback? It's not really a reflection on how he is played compared to where Cincinnati is at this time and do they see Ryan Finely as their future. It won't happen this week, but don't rule out it happening sometime this season.

Dalton will face the Rams this week who are eighth in aFPA to quarterbacks. He threw three interceptions last week and the Bengals keep losing.

Expect more of the same and keep Dalton on the bench in all leagues and formats. The Red Rifle era in Cincinnati is coming to a close.

by Chris Kucharski

CIN QB Andy Dalton - Week 7 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 7 vs Jacksonville
Andy Dalton is coming off a subpar outing against Baltimore. He threw for 235 yards but zero touchdowns and one interception. Dalton now has thrown seven touchdowns and five interceptions this season. He is playing on an offense that is struggling and the Bengals might end up having to make a change at the position.

He will be the starter against the Jaguars for Week 7. Jacksonville is 15th in aFPA to quarterbacks. Dalton has struggled for the last four weeks and it's not expected to get much better even with a neutral matchup. Keep Dalton on the bench as a QB2 this week.

by Chris Kucharski

CIN QB Andy Dalton - Week 6 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 6 at Baltimore
It's hard to blame Andy Dalton for last week's loss. He had decent fantasy numbers throwing for 262 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions. The Bengals passing game has been hurt by injuries with two receivers unavailable, but still seems to be surviving and part of the reason is the veteran QB.

Dalton will face the Ravens who are 20th in aFPA to quarterbacks. Baltimore has had some issues against the passing game so Dalton could repeat last week's performance. Historically, Dalton has struggled against the Ravens. He has thrown 17 interceptions against them, the most against any team in the NFL.

The Bengals are 0-5 but the offense has had some decent games. But even with a decent matchup for Week 6, Dalton only rates a QB2. Keep him on the bench on Sunday.

by Chris Kucharski

CIN QB Andy Dalton - Week 5 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 5 vs Arizona
Andy Dalton struggled on Monday night as he was the victim of eight sacks. The Bengals offense never got in sync so it's back to the drawing board for Dalton and the passing game. Cincy will try to get back to where they were in Week 1 and 2 where Dalton threw for 418 and 311 yards respectively.

The Bengals will face Arizona who is 28th in aFPA to quarterbacks and that means Dalton could be poised to return to his early-season success. However, they will need to protect him.

Because of the recent struggles, Dalton rates a QB2 for Week 5, even though he gas a very favorable matchup.

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