In the running back rotation, Larry Johnson is schedule...

In the running back rotation, Larry Johnson is scheduled to start against the Ravens. Clinton Portis, who started the preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills, also will play, Shanahan said.
Portis began camp atop the depth chart and seems to be on track to retain the No. 1 job for the regular-season opener Sept. 12 against the Dallas Cowboys at FedEx Field. Shanahan, however, said competition continues.

"We're done with one preseason game," Shanahan said. "We've got [three] more left and we're going to get a lot of playing time at a lot of different positions. There's constantly an evaluation process at all positions. I'm not going to stop at one.

"Now, obviously, certain positions, guys are a little bit more ahead than other positions. Guys that have proven themselves and guys that had great years the year before and come into camp in great shape. That's the nature of camp, especially this camp with me, since I haven't been with these guys in the past."

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