Texans Beat: QB Deshaun needs to continue to run

The Texans utilized Deshaun Watson’s legs, which is something they should continue doing. The quarterback ran for 36 yards on eight carries, many of which were designed. Two of them stand out: He gained nine yards on third-and-5 to put the Texans in a goal-to-go situation on their second possession, and on a third-and-1 in the third quarter, he gained four.

Fantasy Impact: 

Though Texans coaches might be understandably cautious about exposing Watson to too many hits, those two plays are examples of high-leverage situations when it’s worth the risk, the story said. The author feels Watson doesn’t need to run as often as Lamar Jackson, but he does need to do so often enough to move the chains on occasion and at least establish the threat of keeping the ball himself, so that the offense can create a numbers advantage on other running plays.

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Jan 14

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