Pats Beat: Questions surround Dion Lewis, Julian Edelman

Bill Belichick's toughest task in 2016 is not readying Jimmy Garoppolo, or figuring out the best offensive line combination, or figuring out a semi-functional offensive line grouping. His toughest task is figuring out how to best approach the injuries that lingered into the offseason.

And there are several factors in play here. The Pats want to preserve guys like Julian Edelman and Dion Lewis for late in the season, but they also want to give Garoppolo the best chance at winning in Weeks 1-4. They don't want to be in a position where Garoppolo goes 1-3 and Brady needs to go 11-1 to secure a first-round bye.

Fantasy Impact: 

The author goes through some options the team has with both players. While Edelman's injury may not be serious, the fact is he didn't make it through many practices since being declared healthy. The story also talked about the possibility of the team keeping Lewis on the PUP list into the season through Week 7. Edelman can't go back on the PUP list, but he can go to IR and come back at any time. This is just one opinion of course, but it's something for potential owners to keep in mind.

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