Lions Beat: Theo Riddick is 'one of the best red-zone threats' in the league

Lions writer Tim Twentyman: I believe running back Theo Reddick is one of the best red-zone threats in all of football. Jim Bob Cooter can do so much with Riddick from a matchup standpoint near and around the end zone. There’s not a linebacker in this league that can cover him out of the backfield. He can also motion out into the slot and force a defense to move pieces around to account for him there. Riddick had five receiving touchdowns last year. All five were in the red zone and three were from one yard out.

Fantasy Impact: 

Riddick had three catches inside the opponent's five-yard line and all three ended in touchdowns. His per game average of 16.2 fantasy points (PPR) was the 8th-highest at his position. With Ameer Abdullah also returning from injury, Riddick may not see as many carries, but he should continue to play a big role in the passing game. He averaged 5.3 catches per game last year, and 5.0 per game in 2015, so his role as a receiver has been consistent.

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