Browns WR Josh Gordon wasn't supposed to start Week 1

Hue Jackson said Josh Gordon starting the Steelers game against his wishes was 'a mistake' and attributed it to 'a miscommunication'' with offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

"The game's overwith now, so to talk about it, what's it going to do?' Nothing,'' he said Monday in his press conference. "So I've dealt with it. We've worked through it. It's done with. We move on.''

Gordon disappeared from the lineup for the rest of that series and the next, almost as if Jackson had ordered him back to the bench for awhile.

Fantasy Impact: 

Jackson had adamantly stated several times over the past two weeks that Gordon wouldn't start because he hadn't been here and other receivers deserved the nod. After the game Jackson revealed that he wasn't aware Gordon would start until he trotted out for the first play in a jumbo formation -- Gordon wide left and three tight ends stacked on the right. He's given Haley full control over the offense, both personnel deployment and playcalling.

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