Broncos Beat: QB Paxton Lynch won't wait long to play QB

The Broncos used a first-round draft pick on quarterback Paxton Lynch, then told him to wait. They put Trevor Siemian and Mark Sanchez through a ringer to decide on a starting quarterback. But the competition will not stop when the season starts.

Lynch is on a fast track, Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said Tuesday. And Denver is pressing the 22-year-old rookie from Memphis as much as he can be pushed.

“As fast as we can get it,” Kubiak said. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

Lynch will likely play the first snap to last Thursday in the Broncos’ final preseason game, at Arizona against the Cardinals. Siemian, who will start when the season opens Sept. 8 against the Carolina Panthers, will not play. If there’s a moment when Lynch can’t go Thursday, Sanchez would be his backup, Kubiak said.

Fantasy Impact: 

The author senses the team is in a hurry to get Lynch up to speed, and rushing toward their future. Kubiak says he wants to seem consistent improvement from Lynch. Another issue is getting too deep in the gun, due to his height. The story added the team is impressed with his internal clock.

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