Bills RB Devin Singletary loses snaps to Zach Moss

First, Devin Singletary lost a fumble in the fourth quarter that nearly cost the Bills their hold on the game. And for the fourth straight game, Singletary received fewer snaps than Zach Moss did, but by the biggest margin yet. Moss out-snapped Singletary by 13 (38 to 25); of the 199 snaps in the three previous games, Moss had just 15 more snaps than Singletary’s total (108 to 93).

Fantasy Impact: 

As the story said, Moss entered the game for the last four snaps of the Bills’ final touchdown drive, stayed on the field for the ensuing drive and, once Singletary fumbled, took the majority of the reps the rest of the way. Moss was on the field for 18 of the Bills’ final 22 offensive snaps. Singletary lacks the true explosiveness to turn a running crease into a big gain, while Moss can power through contact and gain additional yards, the author went on to say.

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