The Top DFS Running Back and Defense Stacks: Week 7

Oct 18, 2018
The Top DFS Running Back and Defense Stacks: Week 7

These are the Week 7 running back-defense stacks on FanDuel and DraftKings. I'll pinpoint where we might be able to get a solid defensive performance and volume-driven running production.

The good folks at 4for4 have pointed out that one should not base their weekly DFS lineup composition on the RB-DEF stack, as the correlation isn’t nearly as strong as the QB-WR1 combo, for example. But considering RB1s—and only RB1s—get a decent bump in production when their team’s defense scores at least 15 fantasy points, it’s worthwhile to see where this stack might offer upside and differentiation for those who play large-field DFS tournaments. Because this isn't a stack that we should necessarily force, there are times when there aren't that many viable options. With only 10 games on the main slate, this is one of those weeks.

Running backs and defenses from the same team often face positive circumstances together. It's these conditions, of course, that lead to fantasy points. Sometimes a lot of fantasy points.

Week 6 summary: The Yeldon/Jaguars stack (10 combined points) was a waking nightmare in Week 6—game script veered off course in the first quarter, we got classic Bad Bortles, and Yeldon managed a mere eight carries against Dallas. Our volatile Aaron Jones/Packers stack looked halfway decent until Jones' early touchdown was called back and C.J. Beathard transformed into Joe Montana; the Green Bay stack ended up with nine fantasy points. The Miller/Texans combination wasn't hateful, scoring 30 total points thanks to a Nathan Peterman late-game meltdown for the ages.

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