The Training Room: Preseason Week 4 Injury Updates

Sep 01, 2015
The Training Room: Preseason Week 4 Injury Updates

Final preparations for the majority of NFL starters came and went in Week 3 of the preseason, with more injuries contuining to drive fantasy footballers through the roof. If you are like me, you tend to do your football drafts as close to the season as possible to make sure you can rule out any major injuries that could potentially ruin a season before it even starts (Jordy Nelson immediately comes to mind on my #SFB360 team). I like to know who is out, who has the potential to return and who will fall in drafts so I can target them. Let's catch you up to speed on the injuries to keep an eye out for when finishing up your drafts before the regular season starts!

Travis Kelce

Lateral Ankle Sprain

Bottom Line: You have to love the reaction you get from social media when an injury occurs. While there were rumors swirling all over the internet about what Kelce was dealing with, we now know it is nothing more than a minor ankle injury. He will be day to day for now, but I don't see him missing any time at all.

Projection: Starts Week 1. Let's move on.

Randall Cobb

Sprained AC Joint

Bottom Line: I'm sure every Green Bay fan and every Cobb fantasy owner were holding their breath when Cobb got up slowly after being tackled to the ground. Diagnostic tests report his injury is no more than a low grade AC joint sprain, which although it sounds minor, can still be painful for an athlete who makes a living using his arm. He will continue to be day-to-day until we hear any further. The Packers can't afford to lose him for any extended amount of time with Jordy Nelson out for the season.

Projection: Starts Week 1 against the Bears. As a wide receiver, there is some increased risk that he could potentially re-aggravate the shoulder, but having two weeks to get healthy will help immensely. I wouldn't move him down on your draft board due to this.

Julius Thomas

Tendon Surgery due to Broken Hand: There haven't been many specifics as to what the nature of Thomas' surgery will consist of, but I would guess he'll have the tendon cleaned up and repaired to improve upon the discomfort and potential lack of motion he has been currently experiencing.

Bottom Line: This is not a good sign for a guy who has battled numerous injuries. Rehab will consist of grip strength, range of motion activities and tendon glides to make sure the tendon moves well enough without scar tissue limiting his mobility.

Projection: Misses first 4 games. Just like we mentioned when we discussed Thomas' injury earlier this preseason, he will more than likely wear some protective padding around his hand to reduce pain and improve his ability to play. Thomas has not done well with lingering injuries, the prime example being the ankle sprain he tried to play through last year when he was with the Broncos. There is a good chance he might not be 100 percent even when he does return, so I would have backup options available come draft day. There are plenty of other options at TE who could put up similar, if not better numbers than Thomas, without the risk of missing time.

Andy Dalton

Strained Neck

Bottom Line: I'm not sure I would be running a QB sneak with your franchise quaterback in a meaningless preseason game, but that's just me. Reports are the move to take Dalton out of the game after his injury was precautionary, so I don't see there being any lingering issues here.

Projection: Starts Week 1 against Oakland. He will likely sit out the last game of the preseason, but should be ready to go for the start of the regular season.

T.Y. Hilton


Bottom Line: Hilton will continue to go through the league's concussion protocol until he gains medical clearance to return to practice and hopefully game action.

Projection: Starts Week 1 against the Bills. It seems Hilton didn't start complaining of concussion-like symptoms until after the game, which explains why they didn't report anything until later. Barring any setbacks, he should be in line for the beginning of the regular season, but concussions are always more complex than we think. Keep an eye on any status updates to ensure you can roll Hilton out there come Week 1.

Jameis Winston

Sprained Ankle

Bottom Line: There have been no indications Winston is dealing with more than just a garden variety ankle sprain. He will continue to be day-to-day while sitting out the last game of the preaseason to make sure he is as close to 100 percent as possible for Week 1.

Projection: Starts Week 1. Winston has shown a tendency to hold onto the ball a little longer than he should, which has led to taking some unnecessary hits he could have avoided. He wil need to make better decisions to prevent himself from getting too banged up early in the season.

Roddy White

Elbow Arthroscopic Surgery: Swelling, pain and lack of mobility can cause significant restrictions in the elbow. Routinely, an elbow can be scoped and cleaned out to remove any bone spurs or tissues that could be contributing to the pain, swelling, or discomfort.

Bottom Line: White will be more week to week than day to day as surgical procedures take time to regain range of motion, reduce pain, and reduce swelling.

Projection: Will play in Week 1, but will be limited. There's a good chance Roddy wears a brace to help protect the elbow, but also to give it support as he attempts to regain his strength. Another concern for White is his knee that continues to bother him, which requires draining to alleviate the swelling. There's some significant warning signs here, so I would wait on him as long as you can or grab Leonard Hankerson as a handcuff, who the Falcons have been talking about a lot this preseason.

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