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Scouting report

by Andy Rioux

OAK RB Trent Richardson - 2015 Fantasy Football Outlook

This era of the NFL has been marked by the passing game, but there is always going to be a place for special running backs. All you have to do is look at the Seattle Seahawks, who have played in the last two Super Bowls on the strength of Marshawn Lynch and his Beast Mode escapades through enemy defenses. At one time, it was thought that Trent Richardson was going to be special. After all, the Cleveland Browns traded up to draft him third overall in 2012. When Richardson scored 12 touchdowns that year, all seemed well. Then Richardson was shockingly dealt to the Indianapolis Colts and his Indianapolis tenure was a major disappointment as every other back on the Colts repeatedly outplayed him. The Raiders, known for questionable decisions, signed Richardson earlier this year. Is there any chance at all Richardson can rebound?

Fantasy Upside
While unlikely, it is possible Trent could get some playing time in Oakland. Latavius Murray, while promising, is largely unproven. Roy Helu is a third down back who might not be able to handle a full load. And of course, fullback Marcel Reece is an afterthought. There is a chance, albeit a slim one, that Richardson could become important to the Raiders. T-Rich has also gotten in better shape and the new Oakland coaching staff has a history of building around the running game.

Fantasy Downside
We saw him play in Indianapolis. If Richardson had a hard time being productive with Andrew Luck as an ally and defenses overly worried about the pass, what are the odds of him suddenly improving on a much weaker squad? He may not even make the final, and even if he does, does anyone really expect Richardson to outplay the other Oakland backs?

Bottom Line
Even if Richardson ends up becoming an integral player for the Raiders at some point, fantasy owners should continue to forget him unless he somehow finds a way to revert back to the player he was at Alabama and briefly with the Browns. That would be an unbelievable development, however, as Richardson has been the poster child for futility the past two seasons.

by Jordan Heck

IND RB Trent Richardson - Week 18, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Trent Richardson - Wild Card vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Trent Richardson has 112 yards (rushing and receiving) in his last five games combined. His fellow running back Dan Herron has 106 yards in the last two games. That should tell you where the pendulum has swung in the Colts' backfield.

Richardson still gets a decent amount of touches on a weekly basis, so he'll put up some points, but he's not a reliable option. It's a good matchup for him. His best game of the season came against the Bengals (118 total yards). But when you ask 'what have you done for me lately?' the answer is "not much."

by Jordan Heck

IND RB Trent Richardson - Week 17, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Trent Richardson - Week 17 vs. Tennessee Titans

Trent Richardson's role in the Colts offense has been fading over the last half of the season. He's averaging just eight touches in his last seven games. When you factor in Richardson's 3.3 ypc and his eight touches, you don't get good results.

Richardson has a strong matchup this week against the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have allowed the most points to opposing backs this season. But Richardson may not get the ball enough to be a factor. He should be viewed as a low-end RB3.

by Jordan Heck

IND RB Trent Richardson - Week 16, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Trent Richardson - Week 16 vs. Dallas
Last week Trent Richardson ran nine times for 32 yards and caught two passes for nine yards. He's only finished with more than 50 yards rushing three times this season. He's still getting touches and playing time so he holds some value, but he's lacking big time in the production category. He's at best a RB3, but that's pushing it. He's more of a RB4.

by Jordan Heck

IND RB Trent Richardson - Week 15, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Trent Richardson - Week 15 vs. Houston Texans

Trent Richardson is slowly being faded out of the Colts' offense. He's still on the field quite a bit, but he only has 44 touches in his last five games. That's averaging less than 10 touches per game. In contrast, Dan Herron has 39 touches in his last three games.

As expected, less touches equals less yards. During that five game span Richardson has 147 total yards. That's averaging less than 30 yards per game.

Not only is Richardson not producing, but he's got a fairly difficult matchup this week. The Texans haven't allowed many yards to backs in recent weeks. You should view TRich as a low-end RB3 or RB4 option.

by Jordan Heck

IND RB Trent Richardson - Week 14, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Trent Richardson - Week 14 vs. Cleveland Browns

Trent Richardson's inefficiency continues. Last week he carried the ball eight times and finished with just 12 yards. His longest rush of the day? Three yards. He also failed to catch a pass for the second consecutive game.

While Richardson was stumbling his way for one-yard gains, he saw Dan Herron explode. Herron also finished with eight carries, but he gained 76 more yards on the ground than TRich.

Despite is inefficiencies, the Colts seem determined to keep Richardson on the field. He played more offensive snaps (2) than Herron last week. He won't get an easy match up against Cleveland and is a low-end flex option at best.

by Jordan Heck

IND RB Trent Richardson - Week 13, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Trent Richardson - Week 13 vs. Washington

In Week 12 Dan Herron got the official start for Indianapolis. After the game Trent Richardson said he was still under the weather, which is why Herron started. Colts beat writer Zak Keefer said Richardson would be starting in Week 13.

Who starts may not matter in Indy. Both Richardson and Herron are likely to get touches. Richardson's a better bet to get redzone carries as we saw last week when he ran in a touchdown.

Richardson draws a difficult matchup this week against Washington. The Redskins have only allowed five rushing touchdowns the backs this season and three of those came from Matt Asiata. TRich will be a low-end RB2 option with his only upside coming by way of falling into the endzone.

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