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Scouting report

by Andy Rioux

KC WR Donnie Avery - Week 15, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 15 – Donnie Avery vs. Oakland Raiders
Donnie Avery failed to catch a pass last Sunday. On a team where none of the wide receivers have fantasy value, it is pretty easy to deduce Avery’s place on the fantasy earth.

by Andy Rioux

KC WR Donnie Avery - Week 14, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 14 – Donnie Avery at Arizona Cardinals
Donnie Avery returned to action in Week 13 and promptly fumbled after his only reception. Avery should not be starting for any team at this point in his career, but Kansas City has no one else. Fortunately, fantasy owners can find a overabundance of options out there better than Donnie.

by Andy Rioux

KC WR Donnie Avery - Week 4, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 4 – Donnie Avery vs. New England Patriots
Donnie Avery shockingly caught seven passes for 84 yards in week one. Since then, Avery has five receptions for 26 yards. He should be a reserve, but the Chiefs have him masquerading as a starter. Fortunately, fantasy owners do not have to be in the same bind. With New England allowing the fewest passing yards per game in the NFL, Avery is even more detrimental to fantasy general managers than usual.

by Andy Rioux

KC WR Donnie Avery - Week 3, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 3 – Donnie Avery at Miami Dolphins
After a fluky outing with Dwayne Bowe out in Week 1 where he caught seven passes, Donnie Avery resumed being Donnie Avery last weekend. Denver’s defense limited him to three receptions for 14 yards. Avery is expected to fare a little better against the Dolphins, but will not do enough to help anyone’s fantasy team.

by Andy Rioux

KC WR Donnie Avery - Week 2, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 2 – Donnie Avery at Denver Broncos
Donnie Avery took advantage of Dwayne Bowe’s absence to lead the Chiefs in receiving on opening day, catching seven passes for 84 yards. It was better than anyone expected, but it was also the product of a highly questionable strategy by the Kansas City coaching staff, as Donnie was more involved in the offense than Jamaal Charles. Normalcy should return on Sunday in Denver, sending Avery back to the irrelevant forest.

by Andy Rioux

KC WR Avery Donnie - Week 1, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 1 – Donnie Avery vs. Tennessee Titans
Because of Dwayne Bowe’s suspension, Donnie Avery is slated to be “Kansas City’s number one wide receiver” against the Titans. In all likelihood, that will work out as well as a movie director casting Jessica Simpson as a brain surgeon. Avery cooks up a big game every now and then, but it speaks volumes that he has a clear-cut top role and is still ranked as a WR5. Anyone in a strict head-to-head league should disregard Donnie, but if you are in a daily league and need a cheap player to fill out your lineup while you load up at other positions, he might pan out.

by Andy Rioux

KC WR Donnie Avery - 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

During Kansas City’s 45-44 loss to Indianapolis in the first round of the playoffs, Donnie Avery delivered a big play, with a 79-yard touchdown reception. It was something the Chiefs had hoped to see more of during the regular season as Avery arrived with a reputation as a deep threat, but Donnie finished with an underwhelming 40 receptions for 596 yards and two touchdowns. Will this home run hitter connect more often as he heads into his second season in Kansas City?

Fantasy Upside
In reality, Avery would be an ideal NFL number three receiver. However, the Chiefs did not sign anyone during the offseason who would take Avery’s place in the lineup. Quarterback Alex Smith had a big finish in 2013, which could lead to bigger things in 2014 for the entire Chiefs offense. If nothing else, Avery and Smith will have a higher comfort level than they did heading into last season. Smith’s top target among the wide receivers, Dwayne Bowe, will be suspended for week one, giving Avery a boost for the opener against a retooling Tennessee Titans defense.

Fantasy Downside
Outside of occasional big plays, Avery has not been a particularly dependable weapon during his career. His career-best season occurred in 2012 as a member of the Colts, where he caught 60 passes for 781 yards and three touchdowns. He is now 30 and in all probability will never develop into a complete player. Bowe and Jamaal Charles will hog most of the targets, with young tight end Travis Kelce also getting a piece of the action. The Chiefs have an unpleasant schedule.

Bottom Line
Having Avery on your team would be as aggravating as hearing a neighbor loudly snow shoveling their driveway at midnight when everyone around them is trying to sleep. Aside from opening day, where he could maybe help daily fantasy league owners looking for a cheap option, it would be hard to pinpoint when he might have a big game, as they don’t come around very often. Save your late-round gambles for younger players with greater potential.

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