It's doubtful the veteran quarterback Kerry Collins eve...

It's doubtful the veteran quarterback Kerry Collins ever steps on the field again.

"I'm about 99 percent sure this is going to be it," Collins said. "When you start dealing with concussions at my age and this point in my career, I'm inclined to think this is going to be it for me."

Collins, 38, was placed on the injured reserve list last week, ending his 17th NFL season. Symptoms from a concussion suffered against Pittsburgh on Sept. 25 persisted.

"I just didn't respond the way everybody had hoped," Collins said. "It just took longer. Some symptoms just lingered. There was concern that since it did take so long, in the future there would be a real possibility of longer-term damage.

"(Concussions) hadn't been a big part of my career, but this one was significant."

"I have no regrets and I have a clear conscience," Collins said. "It's been really good to play for this organization, with coach C (Jim Caldwell), the Polians and to get to know the guys in the locker room. I was honored they wanted me to come in and try to help them out. I just wish I could have helped out a little bit more."

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