In terms of Matt Leinart specifically, “It’s not just t...

In terms of Matt Leinart specifically, “It’s not just the quarterback,” Whisenhunt said. “I wish Matt had thrown the ball better on the post, I wish he would have thrown the ball better to Stephen. But once again, the blame is not all on the quarterbacks. A lot has to do how the line played, the way we didn’t do some things that we should have done that would have made his job easier. That’s the thing you have to be careful about, making a quick judgment on the quarterback when we haven’t been as successful as we would have liked to have been.”

I am still not convinced, regardless of what happened, that Derek Anderson has been able to pick up enough ground on Leinart to surpass him on the depth chart. Anderson is still new in the system and Leinart knows what he is supposed to do. Leinart still needs to show he can execute, but this staff — going back to Leinart’s struggles as a starter in 2007 — isn’t comfortable with guys who don’t know the system.

Fantasy Impact: 

Although no better than a #2 QB in most fantasy formats, Matt Leinart is becoming more and more of a risky fantasy option.

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