Albert Haynesworth had his say on Saturday night after ...

Albert Haynesworth had his say on Saturday night after the Washington Redskins lost to the Baltimore Ravens, informing all that the team was holding it against him that he did not participate in "their offseason program" and that the Redskins were underplaying his injuries in describing them only as headaches.

On Sunday afternoon, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had his say.

"One thing for sure that is clear to me is that Albert has gotten away in the past with playing without practicing,'' Shanahan said. "That will not happen under this regime. If he's going to play, he's going to practice, and that is the same with every player here. The days of him playing without practicing are over. And that, to me, says it all.''

And as far as the condition that Haynesworth is reported to possibly have - rhabdomyolysis -that concerns muscle fiber damage? Shanahan said: "Not aware of that.''

Rhabdomyolysis? This Haynesworth/Redskins twirl is one lollapalooza.

Haynesworth skipped most of the team's offseason drills and said he had worked, instead, with his own trainer. But he had difficulty passing the team's conditioning test once he reported to training camp and out of 18 practices, he has made five.

The Redskins will actively rotate their defensive linemen this season, so they are looking for Haynesworth to play 55 to 60 percent of all snaps. He was in for 19 plays against the Ravens, all in the third quarter, and after those plays was so winded that he had to be pulled.

Part of his spill after the game likely had to do with the fact that he did not play until the third quarter, with reserves.

Sources within the team said that Haynesworth complained of dizziness and headaches last week and was asked if he was dehydrated. He said no, but tests revealed he actually was dehydrated. When he was told he would not play in the Ravens preseason game without practice, the headaches eventually "disappeared,'' a Redskins coach said.

Shanahan said that he will continue to work to get the best from Haynesworth.

"We know what type of talent he is,'' Shanahan said. "We will keep looking for that.''

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