During his mostly successful seven-year stay in St. Lou...

During his mostly successful seven-year stay in St. Louis, Mike Martz developed two Pro Bowl quarterbacks who generated plenty of aerial highlights.

But the Super Bowl-validated veteran coach -- who transformed Kurt Warner from grocery store shelf stocker to Super Bowl MVP and Marc Bulger from sixth-round pick into a two-time Pro Bowl pick -- can't help himself when he talks about his latest charge, Jay Cutler.

''He's got Kurt's awareness and intelligence, and he's got an ability to see things and react to it,'' Martz told the Sun-Times. ''But then he's got an arm I've never had before. He's thrown some balls in practice, and I say, 'Did he just do that?'''

Perhaps most impressive, Martz said, is Cutler's ability to immediately implement a newly introduced play.

''I can give him something, and he can go out there and execute it just like that,'' Martz said, snapping his fingers. ''Now that's a freak. That's unusual.

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