After offseason back surgery, Steven Jackson had rehabi...

After offseason back surgery, Steven Jackson had rehabilitated the back and found himself ready to get back to work in time for the start of camp. But even with Jackson feeling good about his status and expressing no concerns about his back, the Rams wanted to do the smart thing and play it cautious by limiting his repetitions.

“Last week I was taking minimal reps,” Jackson said Wednesday. “I was always doing every drill (but) I wasn’t having a huge work load.”

That has changed this week as Jackson has seemingly settled into a rhythm. Coach Steve Spagnuolo gave Jackson the day off Saturday, including that night’s scrimmage so that he would have an entire 48 hours of rest before practice resumed.

The plan was then to get Jackson more work this week than he had the days prior.

“He’s stepped it up a little bit more this week and that was part of the plan, to get a few more reps and things that we’re doing,” Spagnuolo said. “Steven is Steven. He’s doing a nice job.”

Jackson, along with the coaching staff and head athletic trainer Reggie Scott began piecing together a plan for his camp in the spring and they are now simply following through on it.

According to Jackson, everything is right on pace and going as smooth as can be expected.

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