Settlement talks continue in Deshaun Watson case

The message on Monday was that a settlement remained viable. At this point, every minute that Peter Harvey doesn’t issue a ruling means that a settlement can still happen in the DeShaun Watson case. And because the NFL, as a practical matter, controls Harvey, he’ll wait until the NFL tells him that settlement talks have hit a brick wall.

That’s the bottom line. No ruling until no settlement.

Fantasy Impact: 

The story went on to say the league surely wants at least 12 games and Watson is willing to take 8. The obvious middle ground is 10 games, plus a fine that converts all or part of 2021 into an unpaid suspension by taking up to the full $10 million in salary that he received last year. As previously mentioned, both sides need to be committed to selling to the public that last year was, as a practical matter, a paid suspension, since he didn’t play in 2021 due to the off-field issue.

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